Larry Johnson: Stay, Go, or Release?


Published: March 13, 2009


... much in any of the important games.

I'm just writing this to figure out if he should be kept. All they are doing is putting wasted energy and skill on the bench. If he isn't already moved from the team by next season, they either need to start letting him play or give him to someone else to let them take advantage of his playing ability. No one wants to see him go to waste.

Sure, he might not make every play and get them the first down they need every time, but who does now anyway? What are the Chiefs doing? We have to have someone out on the field who has experience with the team, somewhat.

If I was Herm, I would get some variety out on the field. He's playing the same players for about three quarters and then when it comes time to make the big plays, all he has left are his second- and third-string players. He's working on his team with skill, power, and speed drilling.

What he should be doing, if he's going to keep playing the same way, is w...

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