Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu: Madden’s First Double-Curse?


Published: April 24, 2009


... in damn curses!"
And in all seriousness, I really don’t. Believing in some kind of hocus pocus like the infamous “Madden Curse” is on the same level of believing in goblins, fairies, Bigfoot and La Chupacabra.

But now, with the reports that Madden will feature TWO star players on the cover for the first time ever, the discussion of the curse is now more prevalent than ever.

Simply put, curses do not exist. But the Madden Curse is still an intriguing string of coincidences in which the cover star of the famed EA Sports franchise suffers some kind of trouble or trauma during the same season.

Eddie George was the original cursed star of Madden, when even though he had his best statistical season in 2000, he ended up bobbling a play at...

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