Kyle Orton Is “Da Manz” In Denver!


Published: April 3, 2009


... he never had the courage to do what Jake Plummer did.  If you live in the mountains, and you work in the mountains, then you should have the courage to represent those beautiful Mile-High mountains with a neck-beard that would make Chuck Norris proud!

All joking aside, thank the football heavens that the Mile-High fiasco has finally come to an end.  If most sports sites weren't redundant enough, the constant back and forth reporting of each tidbit to come along like "Cutler answered a text message today" or "Josh McDaniels was spotted walking down the road with fat sacks of cash" was enough to make a rabid Broncos fan indifferent.

Considering the other offseason moves made by the Broncos and the obvious team chemistry shake-up that occurs any time there is regime change in the NFL, this was one headline that I am glad will soon (hopefully) be disappearing.

Kyle Orton is the right guy to win in Denver next season.  I said it, and its out in the op...

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