Keep Millen’s Tendencies Away from the Lions


Published: March 22, 2009


... what Matt Millen would have done. 

Now most people would say that he would have gone for Michael Crabtree and I wouldn’t put it past him.  But the next position he would look to upgrade would be quarterback.  He was always looking for a quick fix. 


Drafting a QB is never a quick fix.  A team must invest time to ensure that the QB will succeed in the organization.  You can not just through them into the huddle and expect them to take you to the Super Bowl, playoffs, or even to win the division. 


There are always exceptions to this and it was proven last year with Ryan and Flacco.  But how often has a QB in the top five picks gone on to have success with a struggling team.  Does a team want to deal with a Ryan Leaf outcome?


Detroit has many positions...

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