Just Saying, Is All… | The Right Sentence for Donte’ Stallworth

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Published: April 30, 2009


... prisoner. Although his arraignment on DUI manslaughter charges was postponed last week, the Browns receiver is still preparing for an uphill legal battle—which is itself only the opening salvo in a war he’s fated to lose.

Retribution means paying for your sins.

Remorse, on the other hand, means accounting for the debt.

This isn’t a plea for clemency. Stallworth killed a man, and he deserves whatever destiny due process assigns to him. But let’s not confuse social and personal sanction. In a justice system built on Western values, there’s no executioner more merciless than a mind forced to contemplate its own guilt.

Intent is the essence of crime.

Memory is the substance of punishment.

When he’s done serving time in the public spotlight, Stallworth will still be exposed to the eyes in the mirror.

Professional athletes live in a parallel universe. Fame, fortune, freaky-fast cars—it’s an ...

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