Julian Peterson Comes To Detroit, Lions Putting Together Strong Defense

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Published: March 18, 2009


... Seattle.

It's yet another step to improving America's Team (or is that Lions Nation? I can never keep the stupid titles straight).

Granted, the Lions still have questions at quarterback, running back, offensive tackle, center, coach, beer vendor, ticket scalper, and whether Rachel will ever get with Ross after 10 seasons of trying.

Still, the defense is coming together, and that's all a Lions fan really wants. Well, OK, we also want jobs, less than 14 feet of snow each winter, a couple of wins from our professional football team, and an escape from the bleak soul-crushing economic woes that plague a state reliant on only one industry (cherries). But this is no time to get dramatic.

See, we here in the Wolverine State (so named because there are no Wolverines here) are pining for Detroit to return to its glory days of going 8-8 and losing in the playoffs. Those were the days that Barry Sanders and Wayne Fontes were household names, the days when QB luminarie...

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