Judge Rejects Michael Vick’s Bailout Plan

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Published: April 4, 2009


... plan. Vick proposed that he would pay back the millions he owes creditors from future earnings from an NFL salary that he believes he will receive once he is released from prison in July.

Vick's plan did not include liquidating either of his two homes in Virginia or any of his three cars.

If the man is so confident in his ability to earn a large salary after his release, then he can spare a few homes and cars.  So why doesn't he just roll over and play dead? Well, there is no guarantee that any team in the National Football League wants to touch him.

Not even the Detroit Lions, the current worst team in the NFL, wants Vick. In February, Lions Vice President for Communications, Bill Keenist expressed that the team had no interest in acquiring Vick.  

The situation might change for Vick after the NFL draft takes place and teams have seen what the young prospects can or cannot do.

In the meantime, Vick should shift his focus to a futur...

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