Joshua Cribbs’ Situation: Another Irritating Thing About Mangini/Kokinis


Published: July 11, 2009

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... problem is that the old regime of Romeo Crennel and Phil Savage had promised him a new contract. Now the new regime of Eric Mangini and George Kokinis say that they didn't promise him anything.

Unlike many Browns fans, I am on the side of Joshua Cribbs. I believe that when you take over a company in any walk of life and the Cleveland Browns are a company, there are certain committments that you have to honor from the old regime. This is one they need to honor.

Cribbs was one of the Browns who never quit last year. He played hard no matter the score or record. He was and is the most versatile player the Browns have.

He is known for returning kicks, however, he can also catch passes, take handoffs, and run a wildcat package. He can even play defense in nickel and dime situations.

He did whatever was asked of him. I have seen no evidence of him being a problem player. He works hard and plays hard. Without mentioning names, we know that some of the p...

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