Josh McDaniels and the Broncos Have a Serious Problem in QB Jay Cutler


Published: March 22, 2009


... wasn’t a talent issue. It wasn’t a performance issue.

It was an attitude issue.

The leader of your offense has to completely buy into your system. He has to be an extension of you in the locker room.

Bill Belichick doesn’t win championships without Tom Brady, but Brady doesn’t win championships without Belichick either.

The relationship between a quarterback and a head coach is important. More important than any other player-coach relationship on an NFL team.

If a wide receiver doesn’t buy into the system, other wide receivers on the team can take their place. The same thing goes for running backs, cornerbacks, safeties, etc.

But there’s only one starting quarterback. There’s only one guy who touches the ball on every offensive play. There’s only one guy who speaks in the offensive huddle.

Cutler, with all of his physical talents, isn’t ready to be that guy for McDaniels....

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