Josh Freeman: Rising to Fame?


Published: March 15, 2009


... viewers at the combine, and the possibility to pick another pre-injury Daunte Culpepper has excited owners and GM’s.

But will he be able to produce at the pro level? He has not faced the defenses that other top QB’s like Matthew Stafford or Mark Sanchez, but he also does not have top prospects all around him on offense. It balances out and I fully expect Josh Freeman to be one of the best players in this year’s draft.

Josh Freeman brings an amazing arm to any team. He can start from day one and he ran a pro style offense at Kansas State. He brings athleticism and he is very mobile; he showed that with 400 rushing yards last year and 14 TDs. He also is accurate when he has some type of offense around him. When he had Jordy Nelson, he had a 63.3 completion percentage, but without him he only had a 58.6 completion percentage. It’s due to the fact that the offense around him was nothing special and they were a younger offense then most. He still...

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