Joke-A-Thon: The New York Giants Vs. The Dallas Cowboys


Published: September 22, 2009

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I'm a Washington Redskin fan so naturally I hate the Cowboys and the Giants.  And because the Cowgirls are making their debut in that monstrosity of a stadium, I couldn't let Sunday night go by without doing a joke-a-thon!

Let's get started shall we?
8:00:   Bob Costas is interviewing Cowboy owner Jerry Jones.  I wish I could interview Jerry.  These are the questions I would ask him:

“So Jerry, how are you feeling?  Are you nervous?  Are you excited?  I’m asking because all of that plastic surgery makes it hard for me to tell.”

“Jerry, do you expect that this beautiful new stadium will inspire the Dallas Cowboys to continue their proud tradition of not winning playoff g...

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