John Madden Leaves Booth For Big Turkey Dinner


Published: April 16, 2009


... John has ummm, captivated the audience with his color commentary.  The moment I found out about his retirement, I called him up to see what he had to say about his time in the booth.

Me: You have been calling football games for 30 years. How does it feel to finally be walking away from the game of football.

John: Well, I finally realized I can’t actually eat the football.  All these years I have been under the impression it was some kind of pork bi-product.  They call it a pig skin you know.

Me: What? You thought you could eat the ball? Serious?

John: Pig skin! It’s just like saying pork rind. You can’t tell me you’ve never tried...

Me: Right. I actually can. Some people say you talk about food too much when you could be talking about football. How do you respond to that?

John: Turkey.  You know, when I eat turkey, it’s good. I always feel good when I eat turkey. When I’m done eating turk...

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