John Madden Hangs Up the Microphone…but Not the Turducken


Published: April 16, 2009


... from the booth.

In a statement released by NBC sports, Madden indicated that he was leaving to spend more time with his wife of nearly 50 years and their children and grandchildren. At 73 years of age, it would be hard to blame him for wanting to take it easy for a few years.

Still, like his idol, Brett Favre, I can't see John Madden staying away from football for very long. He is as synonymous with football as any person is with their sport, especially considering he was never a great player.

As a coach, he was considered a tough guy, but a successful one. Raiders Owner Al Davis has yet to find a suitable replacement for Madden, despite the fact that Madden left coaching in 1978.

Madden made his name in the broadcast booth as an enthusiastic and engaged commentator. His comments occasionally bordered on the obvious (once famously noting "The fewer rules a coach has, the fewer rules there are for players to break"), which made him an easy target fo...

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