Jerry Jones Strikes Back: Cowboys Owner/GM Makes Same Mistake After Reset Button


Published: March 13, 2009


... Terrell Owens.  Shortly after, the Cowboys also released safety Roy Williams. 

With these releases, along with that of Adam “Pac-man” Jones, all signs appeared to be pointing toward a very good thing for fans of the "Big D." Owner Jerry Jones had finally admitted to himself that there was a problem with locker room chemistry! 

As a longtime fan of the Cowboys, it was a great moment for me when I realized that Jones had come around.  Knowing the talent on Jerry’s roster, and hanging the hope of a united locker room in 2009, I was instantly thinking, "Super Bowl!" (I know it's an over-reaction, but like I said, I am a Cowboys fan, and it goes with the territory.)

But after a mere five days of happiness, Jerry Jones took it all away.

The Dallas Cowboys signed Gerald Sensabaugh.  My first thought was “Who is Gerald Sensa...what’s h...

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