Jay Cutler’s Real Reasons Behind Trade Demands Are Revealed! (HUMOR)

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Published: March 30, 2009


... fall under the roof of those (And have even written about it already.) that believe that Jay Cutler is being childish and should have gotten over the trade talks long ago.

I may need to issue an apology to Mr. Cutler though because I have recently discovered other factors leading to the persistent demands for a trade. Perhaps there was a lot more going around in Jay Cutler's head than meets the eye.

Special thanks to Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein, and Selena Roberts for digging a little deeper and uncovering the real reasons behind the Jay Cutler trade demands. Here are the 10 reasons:


10. South Park Season 11 Episode 13

After breaking 100,000 points on Guitar Hero, Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflosky are contacted by an agent and later find themselves at the Playboy Mansion where they are introduced to Jay Cutler. Stan Marsh greets Jay by saying 'Nice to meet you, I mean you kind of suck but my dad says...

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