Jay Cutler’s No Villain

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Published: March 17, 2009


... over a failed attempt at trading him.

First off, could Cutler have handled the news of his team trying to jettison him better? Of course, but the Broncos are not without fault, either.

Seems to me the Broncos had a "Plan A" (getting Matt Cassell for new head coach Josh McDaniels to work with), and when that plan fell through, they had not only no "Plan B," but no idea how to handle the fallout that followed the collapse of their previous blueprint.

If you're going to tell me Matt Cassell is even remotely in Jay Cutler's league, you're insane. Immature reaction or not, I can see how Cutler was insulted by this move. I mean, who is Matt Cassell?

It's not like the Broncos were gunning for a bonafide starting quarterback, like Carson Palmer or Drew Brees; Cassell wasn't even picked in the first round. I know Tom Brady was another guy drafted low who made the most of his shot, but let's not put Cassell at Brady's elite level after 15 games; he's not eve...

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