Jay Cutler’s Diary Found; Revealing Words Inside

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Published: March 17, 2009

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... Out Boy concerts and writing songs. Here's an excerpt of some of the disturbing facts found inside...

"Dear Diary...

That Josh McPoopiels is such a meanie-face! Jeez! I mean, I'm Jay Cutler. JAY FREAKIN' CUTLER!

Why would you try and trade me! I have worked my butt off. Plus, I have diabetes, just thought I'd throw that in there.

That guy on ESPN said that I'd go to Detroit or Tampa Bay. Ew. Talk about loser cooties. Both teams suck! I have diabetes! I should play for a winner!

Detroit is my nightmare. Can someone say "0-16"? I'd never win again there. But what's even worse is the talk about Cleveland! That Eric Mangini guys a rat. I would never wanna play for him.

Eh, but I guess I can deal with it. I mean, all Josh McPoopHead did was betray me, talk about me behind my back, I have diabetes, try and trade me and then openly deny it. Oh, by the way, I have diabetes.

There's no way I'm ever playing for this guy again. He's a meanie-fac...

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