Jay Cutler’s Denver Area House Up for Sale

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Published: March 14, 2009


... isn't on the market. His house, though, is another matter.

The sale was first reported by KMGH-TV and The Denver Post.  Click for the Full Story.

Earlier this week, the management of the Denver Broncos tried to mend some of the fences between them and one of their quarterbacks, Jay Cutler.  The Broncos came away from the phone call in good spirits, thinking they had made significant progress in alleviating the drama.

Thursday, Cutler put his mansion up for sale. Whether or not the two are related is not clear, but it seems a bit curious that he would decide to sell a $2 million house in this economic climate, coming only three days after a conversation his bosses seemed to think was a positive one.

Cutler still has a condo in downtown Denver along with his offseason home in Nashville, Tennessee.

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