Jay Cutler Will Bring Chicago To The Top Of The NFL

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Published: April 7, 2009


... sound as immature as they want.  McDaniels kept referring to Jay Cutler as "The Player" and says that he didn't hear from Jay Cutler in a month.  However, in that same interview he heard from Jay in a week. 

The interview was March 25. I didn't know that 30 days fit in between March 17 and April 2. Crazy how that happens. Now comes the fun part. What is so special about Jay Cutler.

Everyone (Denver fans) keeps saying that Jay Cutler wasn't that special because the team was 2nd in yards but they were 16th in points. Okay, so far he might have trouble in the red zone. Denver was 28th in redzone scoring percent. Okay, you might have something. However, they score more TD's. So points per redzone attempt is my kind of stat. That puts Denver at 20th. 

So maybe they struggle, but it's not getting TD. It must be another kind of struggle.  Does it matter if an offensive line is on the field too long that they get tired?  Could it be that Denv...

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