Jay Cutler Traded! No, But It Will Happen

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Published: March 22, 2009


... at the same time. We have had a short lived affair with him as fans, but frankly we are all sick and tired of the whole thing. 

He is a top quarterback who does not fit into the plans of our new system. He is a gun slinging, Favre type quarterback, who will have success wherever he goes (at least until things don't go his way there also). I wish him well.

I speculate that this was known for some time now by owner Pat Bowlen and rookie head coach Josh McDaniels. I for one, am glad the original trade for Cassel didn't work out. I'm not sure Cassel has established himself enough yet.

There will be a high demand for Cutler's services. A franchise quarterback is not available very often. He is exactly the player some teams feel will put them in the Super Bowl, such as Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington, N.Y. Jets, Detroit.

OK Detroit's a long way from the Super Bowl, anyway you get my point. Cutler is wanted b...

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