Jay Cutler Trade Could Have Impact on Seattle Seahawks’ First Round Choice

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Published: April 5, 2009


... has added a completely different dynamic toward projections of what may happen with the Seahawks first round pick. 

While the consensus among many seemed to be that Seattle would likely draft tackle Eugene Monroe or Jason Smith, linebacker Aaron Curry, or either quarterback Matt Stafford or Mark Sanchez, the ability for Denver to use either both or one of their two first round picks to potentially trade up may mix things up a bit. 

Unless Hasselbeck is severely dinged to the point where the organization doesn’t believe he’s going to be able to go at the beginning of the season, I just can’t see Seattle taking a quarterback with the first pick.

With the number of years that Matt could potentially have with the team, and the money that goes along with picking the first or second quarterback in the draft, it doesn't make sense financially.  Look at a guy like Matt Ryan, drafted third last year, and is mak...

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