Jay Cutler: The NFL’s Most Immature Person

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Published: March 18, 2009


... one analyst said: "He was a grown man playing football like a boy."

Just because a man gets to be over six feet tall, has broad shoulders, and builds a muscular body does not make him a "man." His brain must make the necessary jump forward as well.

Brett Favre never really got there, Terrell Owens is getting better, Philip Rivers has stopped throwing fits, and Anquan Boldin is learning to deal.

Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson? That's another story.

But here we have five examples of men with whom the subject of "maturity" is key.

But ladies and gentlemen, excluding Favre (whose frame of mind is similar to that of a nine-year-old), the other four men act like teenagers. There really are no babies in the National Football League. Or...


Looks like I spoke too soon. I forgot that one over there, crying to get his diaper changed.

He is a grown man who thinks that the famous scientist Nicolaus Copernicus ...

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