Jay Cutler Reassures Us the Modern Athlete Is Alive and Well

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Published: March 17, 2009


... there, I thought the plummeting global economy might bring professional athletes down to Earth.

I deluded myself into imagining a stock exchange hovering around 1997 "highs" would spread enough humility that some might even trickle down (or up) to our favorite me-firsters and gimme gimmes.

In hindsight, it wasn't so crazy—the Major League Baseball free agency period came and went without too many insane contracts handed out. Almost zero if you exclude the New York Yankee land grab.

I kept reading about the frenzied National Basketball Association and the economic prospects of some of its bottom-feeders.

The National Football League handed out some gnarly salaries at the outset of its free agency period—Albert Haynesworth, that's you big fella—but all those benjamins aren't necessarily in the bank.

In other words, the NFL already has the most reasonable compensation system of any major American pro sport so it has more wiggle room...

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