Jay Cutler-Josh McCaniels: What Should Have Been Stated

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Published: April 7, 2009


... /> Everyone who felt the whole situation could be worked out was talking about what McDaniels needed to say to Cutler: flat-out that he would not be traded.
It only made sense for him to tell Cutler that if he didn't plan on trading him.
The problem is, McDaniels never said that.

I guess now he'll get what he wanted.
I don't blame him for not liking Cutler; I mean, he didn't have anything invested in him. Still, I hoped he would do what was best for the team.

Cutler will be fine wherever he goes. I can't blame him for not wanting to work with a guy who, in the end, proved he didn't really care if Cutler was on the team or not.

I wish Cutler would have at least maintained contact with Bowlen, however. If I fault him for anything in all this, that would be it. He obviously has zero respect for McDaniels. How can you work that close with someone you don't respect?

I really don't know why I had hope...

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