Jay Cutler Is Not To Blame For The Recent Drama In Denver

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Published: March 22, 2009


... to talk about.

That's not to say that this isn't a story worthy of discussion, but I get the feeling that the discussion is headed in the wrong direction.

Somewhere along the line, Jay Cutler was made out to be the bad guy in this whole saga.

I see articles all over the place from bloggers to high-influence guys on NFL.com, saying that Cutler is nothing more than a spoiled child, who is upset because his feelings were hurt.

Now, wait just a minute.

Am I the only one who looks at this story and sees that the Broncos have done nothing but lie to Cutler since the season ended?

First, Pat Bowlen decides he's going to fire one of the best coaches in the NFL, and certainly the best in the history of the Denver franchise in Mike Shanahan, and replace him with someone who has never been a head coach and only an offensive coordinator for no more than a few years.

That in itself is bound to make any quarterback u...

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