Jay Cutler Is Easily Better Than Tarvaris Jackson…Right?

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Published: April 5, 2009


... be a reliable starter in the NFL right?

In my opinion, the Vikes will be right there either as division champs or wild card winners. First off, Jay Cutler—the new Bears QB—did not play well his first few years under the system there, and now he has to learn a new one.

Then there is T-Jack, or T-Joke as some people who either hate the Vikings or have very little faith in there team call him. He vastly improved when he replaced Gus Frerotte.

First off, during his first full year as a starter, he threw nine TD's and 12 INT's. Last year in four games, he threw nine TD's and just two INT's and lead the Vikings on a late season surge to win the NFC North.

The Vikings then went and traded a fourth round pick for Sage Rosenfels as competition for T-Jack. This is why T-Jack will be the starter.

Rosenfels threw six TD's and 10 INT's in six games. He also threw 21 TD's and 22 INT's over the last two years. His record is not much bett...

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