Jay Cutler Is a Good Thing for Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers

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Published: April 11, 2009


... does the Chicago Bears’ acquisition of Jay Cutler mean for Packer fans? I can answer that question in three simple words: Fun, fun, fun! The appearance of a big-time QB in Chicago will put some juice into the oldest rivalry in the NFL, which in recent years has played second fiddle to the much younger Packers-Vikings rivalry.

It is highly questionable whether this was a good move for the Bears, especially considering the price they paid for Cutler and the fact that Kyle Orton had become a solid NFL QB in the past year.

My own hunch is that it was indeed a good move. The Bears have not had an above-average QB at least since Jim McMahon, and his time in the limelight was brief anyway. I am not alone in being very impressed with Jay Cutler since he came into the league.

The way he moves in the pocket, the way he throws, his air of authority in running an offense...He’s got all the tools. He’s still a little raw and interception-pro...

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