Jay Cutler: A Quarterback Scorned

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Published: March 11, 2009


... This is what did happen to Jake Plummer. But not to Jay Cutler.

No, not like this.

ESPN and other football sites are reporting that the situation between Jay Cutler, his agent, and the Broncos front office has worsened. It's getting to the point of no return, and the word is Cutler is so upset, that he sees no possible ending, other than a trade.

My thoughts exactly.

After rookie coach Josh McDaniels allowed information to get out that he preferred Matt Cassel, a fresh-faced former college bench rider, over his golden boy Jay Cutler, the world began wreaking havoc on this story.

Neither side has been able to sleep, as McDaniels has been troubled over what he has done, but even more, but does he do if he can't talk Cutler into staying?

This is why you don't quit your job before you find a new place of employment.

This is why you don't sleep around on your girlfrien...

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