Jay Cutler: 31 Possible Landing Spots

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Published: March 16, 2009


... The fact of the mater is, this situation went from bad to worse, and now it's clear that it's irreparable.

Jay Cutler has reported a lack of trust with his coach and front office, and feels it has gotten to the point where it's time for both sides to move on.

The word is that coach Josh McDaniels wanted "his own guy", and didn't feel comfortable with Cutler moving forward, at least up until he knew he couldn't land Matt Cassel.

A trade appears to be imminent, so let the bidding wars begin!

Here is a run-through of the 31 other teams that we might be seeing Cutler throwing passes for.

(No particular order)

1. Philadelphia Eagles

Well, I guess it all depends just how committed Philly is in Donovan McNabb. McNabb is looking for a contract extension, ensuring a retirement as an Eagle, but the team doesn't seem to feel the need to reciprocate.

This could be a chance for the Broncos to get a proven quarterback, ...

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