Jamaal Anderson: Time To Earn Your Pay

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Published: May 1, 2009


... that sums up how bad his play has been so far. Anderson was picked No. 8 overall in the 2007 draft. He signed a deal worth $31 million with $15.4 million guaranteed.

So far Anderson has been a huge disappointment to say the least. In 2007 he started every game and had 30 tackles, no sacks, and three passes defensed. In 2008 he played fifteen games and had 27 tackles, 2 sacks, and three passes defensed.

If you add all those stats together and divide it into just his guaranteed money he has gotten paid around $237,000 for each play he's made. I wish they would sign me...I'm pretty sure I could come up with numbers rivalling his and would do it for much cheaper!

So, what is Anderson's problem? Is he not motivated? Does he have no talent? Work ethic? Was he overrated and just got numbers in college because he was big and on a decent defense? 

How about motivation...Was Anderson given the starting job too soon? Has he had adequate compe...

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