It’s Only March, But You Can Count These Five NFL Teams Out in 2009


Published: March 10, 2009


... You can never count anyone out before the season.' That's cute and all Amy Adams but you can't stop me now! Sure some teams catch us off guard. I wasn't shocked by Miami this past year because of Bill Parcells but I was somewhat suprised, Atlanta was shocking though. I figured with a rookie QB they were a couple years away, guys like Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco don't come around very often and there are some teams out there that just seem to be a complete mess...Five come to mind for me. Could one of these five come out of nowhere and make a run in the playoffs? I guess there is always a chance...Just like there's always a chance that we start seeing Christian Bale in romantic comedies or in a remake starring as the Fred Astaire character in 'Top Hat'. I don't see it happening though....

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