It’s Hard Being a Woman, In Love With a Man, Who Doesn’t Love Football


Published: April 21, 2009


... world who not only knows almost nothing about football, but he could give a flip about the game altogether.

You have to admit it's pretty hard to come by such a thing in a guy.

His knowledge is about as expansive as that of a person watching ESPN for the very first time. If he knows a player, it's because he heard his name in the mainstream for some reason other than playing their respective sport.

Either that or he saw him on an episode of "Punk'd".

That's how he came to know Terrell Owens.

He has never read any of the blogs I have written, mostly because he is lost when I begin speaking to him about my topics—whatever they may be.

He finds my allegiance to the Georgia Bulldogs to be humorous, what with my whole banning of the color orange and proclaiming game days as "off-limits" for any other planned activities.

The jokester that he is, he takes a fiendish pleasure in cheering for the Bulldog's opposition on game days.


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