It Was Matt Cassel or Bust for Denver Broncos; Now Jay Cutler Has to Be QB


Published: March 13, 2009


... I would not write any more on the subject of Jay Cutler and his current situation, but recent developments have forced me to take back that promise.

The Jay Cutler situation, as I have called it, is still alive , and the two sides are reportedly no closer to terms after an icy conference call.

Jay Cutler, however, is still a Denver Bronco.

This is a story that has been told many times over, speculated on by "experts" at every major sports network, and torn apart by Broncos fans.

The deal, that would have landed Matt Cassel in Denver, truly was the ONLY deal the Broncos could have made for Cutler.

Cutler, despite his questionable leadership and controversial personality, had a fantastic season for the Broncos. Considering the lack of defensive help he received, he was remarkable.

Among the four worst defenses in the NFL in 2008 (Denver, Seattle, Kansas City, and Detroit) Denver's 8-8 record was far and away the best.

While Cutler over...

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