Isn’t It Time for Ron Turner To Think outside the Box?


Published: April 19, 2009


... get the most out of every player they have. Isn’t it time the Bears did the same?


The Bears boast an unusual amount of underutilized talent. Every year we have questions about the Bears' offense, and every year we go into the season wondering who will step up and fill the roles needed to field a typical, supposedly, west-cast offense. My question is, why do we have to be typical?


The Bears may not have the best tight end in the league, but they have the best group of tight ends. Clark is going to toe the line in typical tight end fashion, but Olsen is truly a gifted, versatile player who needs to be used in different situations. Ditto for Kellen Davis, who is as much of a physical, athletic freak as anyone in the league.


Adrian Peterson has been a staple of our special teams play for several sea...

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