Is There a Point Where Fans Should Stop Rooting for the Uniform Due to Players?


Published: April 1, 2009


... of free agency, players and management alike do not care nearly as much as the fans when it comes to who wears what uniform (On more of a personal level) and less great players stick with their teams that they became largely prominent on.

John Smoltz is now on the Red Sox, Brian Dawkins is a Bronco, Markus Naslund is on the Rangers, and Elton Brand—when healthy—suits up for the 76ers.

I've always tried to make a point not to get too attached to the athletes themselves and stick with my favorite teams. Whether its my favorite player retiring (Scott Stevens), signing with another team (David Cone), or gets traded in a youth movement (Jason Kidd). There will always be players to capture your heart.

But what if it is the opposite? What if it were players that your team has faced within the division that you rooted against for years or if it is a guy that you just despise? How much could you take?

The first time the question was raised to me was in ...

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