Is The Hate Still Just As Strong?


Published: March 28, 2009


... can hear the chatter of "America's Team" coming from the cockroaches which are Dallas fans. Everyone can think of their favorite plays against Dallas.

Whether it be the Eagles stopping Dallas on 4th-and-1 back-to-back-to-back, or the Eagles butchering the Dallas Cowboys in a winner goes to the playoffs nationally televised game. In this fans mind I have to wonder if the hate will be there just as much with the cancer leaving Dallas.

Terrell Owens has become a character in Philadelphia that just makes fans angry. This man came to Philadelphia and had a very productive first season, then made a heroic attempt to play in the Super Bowl after being hurt.

Terrell had the city in the palm of his hands...then he got cocky. Terrell Owens wanted more and more after just one season which ultimately led to his demise in the city of brotherly love.

He then went to of all teams the most hated team and biggest rivals the Dallas cowboys which revamped the feud between the...

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