Is the Best Way to Build the Oakland Raiders’ Defense Through Offense?


Published: April 18, 2009


... even debate on what does or doesn't need to be fixed.  Many of us can't agree on a single position let alone defense or offense.

Theres even that argument that an improved offense automatically improves are poor defense.  Kind of like hitting two birds with one stone. But could this be true,  or even possible.

Many will argue that the defense fails because the T.O.P. (time of possesion) is to often in favor of the opposing team.  This causes the defense to become tired due to to much time on the field.  In turn they aren't able to make a stop and give up to many plays or yards.

Good examples of this are the Buffalo Bills game where we allowed a 16 play 96 yard drive that took up 8min 56 sec late in the this this ultimately led to a fatigued defense and a last second lead change via the opposing teams kicker.

Another example was a late lead change against the San Diego Chargers that led to another loss.  In this game La...

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