Is Taking a QB With the First Pick Smart? Not If Seattle Wants Success This Year


Published: March 29, 2009


... what good or bad decisions are going to be made in this years draft.

There are some writers out there with some really good ideas of what Seattle should do, and then there are some with really bad ideas of what they should do.

Seattle has made a few good moves in the offseason in the free agency.

Definitely, signing Hoosh was the best move of the offseason—A+ on that move.

As far as the other moves, I would give them a C. Sure, Seattle added depth, but I am not sure that we improved much.

A key move we made was getting rid of Julian Peterson. I say it was a good move because he has just not been as productive as of late. I don't know if what we got would be considered an upgrade though. I guess we will truly see once we see them in action come game time.

Hopefully it was a good move because I am tired of seeing Seattle pick someone up in the offseason, only to watch them do worse for Seattle, then when they wer...

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