Is Joe Flacco “The Answer”?


Published: March 29, 2009


... or not Joe Flacco is the answer in Baltimore.

The Ravens finished the season 11-5, and Joe Flacco put up impressive numbers (2,971 yrds 14 TDs, 12 Ints , 11 fumbles, 2 lost) despite having a mediocre receiving corp. This wasn't enough for the critics, as some still believe that Joe Flacco is a bust.

They say that his success is because of that stifling defense, when it is the other way around. The defense's success is caused by the performance of this Quarterback. Take a look at the Raven's past seasons, and Quarterbacks, statistically.

In 2004, Kyle Boller was given the reigns for the full season. The Ravens have been pretty much a run first team up to this point, which takes the pressure off the QB. They had a one-two punch at running back, with Jamal Lewis putting up over 1,000 yards and Chester Taylor with over 700.

The Defense was as good as they could have been with such an inconsistent Quarterback, ranking sixth in the leag...

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