Indianapolis Colts’ Recipe for Improvement


Published: September 22, 2009

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... that they can't win very many games in that fashion.  The team gave up 239 yards rushing and Peyton Manning only had the ball for 14:53. 

Against all odds, Manning willed the team to victory.  Maybe they can win games that way, but they don't have to.  Here are five things they can do to put teams away the right way.


1. Run the Ball

If you read any article or see any highlight or listen to any radio show that claims the Dolphins "held" the Colts to just 61 yards, abandon that news source forever.  Statistically, the Colts were the better rushing team on Monday night; running the ball just wasn't a part of their game plan.

The Colts actually had a better average per rush than the Dolphins, gaining 5.5 yards per carry on the ground.  The difference is that the Dolphins, despite slightly less success, ran the ball 41 times and the Colts only bothered to call a run play 11 times.

And these sta...

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