In Defense of Jerry Angelo: The Article I Never Thought I’d Write


Published: March 17, 2009


... Football League, but at some point, you have to decide where the blame really lies.

Surprisingly, it isn't with Jerry, at least not mainly with Jerry. Jerry should be fired for one reason, and one reason alone, failure to insist Lovie Smith adapt. 

You can criticize all the personnel decisions. 

They've been bad. Do you think they were made completely without approval of the coaching staff ? 

Then you have to wonder, were they really that bad for the system the Bears play? 

The Bears play the Tampa Two. 

Focus of that defense: Stopping the run and creating turnovers. 

Format: Cornerbacks that take on the run, Speedy Safeties that can pick up and carry the WR after the CB passes him off, a Middle Linebacker that can get deep drops, Small Penetrating Defensive Lineman, and Outside Linebackers that clean up the run game. 

What has Jerry Angelo supplied the Bears with? 

Charles Till...

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