Imagine if Jay Cutler Were Black…Critics Would Be Foaming at the Mouth


Published: April 2, 2009


... hep but wonder what the reaction would be around the league and among fans and members of the media if he were black. I know race is still an incredibly contentious issue in America, and that a lot of people are tired of hearing about it.

But I'll say it: If he were black I have no doubt the response would be more intense, more visceral, and generally more over the top. Instead of reading stories from influential and well respected members of the media about Cutler's fate that make no mention of his seemingly petulant behavior as I've read, I think the critics would be falling over themselves to demonize him. Almost every story would make mention of his selfish behavior and openly wonder if, despite his talents, it was worth the risk to trade for him.

Instead, I sit in quarterback-poor Chicago and watch as the local football writer openly campaigns for the Bears to sign Cutler and doesn't speculate about whether in a year or so he'll ...

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