I’d Never Thought I’d Say It, but Good Riddance Terrell Owens

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Published: March 24, 2009


... and anticipation for the deluge of "I TOLD YOU SO"'s that this article is inviting into my life.

I expect to be torn down by friends, family, strangers, animals, and many types of fungi alike. However, it needs to be said.

Despite my copious amounts of chest-thumping and soap-boxing, defending T.O.'s antics against media and fan speculation alike for 3 years with the fervor to match any 20th century dictator that comes to mind, I can now finally see the forest through the trees. 

I can now bring myself to view the situation with at least a modicum of objectivity and rationality. I can now finally bring myself to say it.

Good riddance, TO.

This is coming from a tortured fan who vividly remembers Clint Stoerner noodle-arming wobblers 30 yards down the field to Rocket Ismail. This is coming from the same bemoaned supporter who watched Quincy Carter try to run the option...in the NFL...with Troy Hambrick.

Drew Bledsoe to Keyshawn Johnso...

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