I Love Brad Childress

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Published: March 26, 2009


... through fields of clover with this wonderful man. Say what you want about Brad Childress, I believe he is the chosen one. 

In a game where you can learn from your mistakes or die from them Brad is learning.  This is after all, his first time as a Head Coach.  I have many sources who inform me the force is strong in him. 

Besides, he can rock that 'stache. Everyone knows  you could not possibly be a bad coach with a beautiful flavor savor like that. In fact, to all of you fans that don't like winning that are demanding his termination...talk to the 'stache cuz the face ain't listening. 

Now lets talk about cold hard facts. Factoid No. 1: Brad Childress has an IQ of 865.  Factoid No. 2: Vodka grows hair on your lip. Factoid No. 3: Brad likes Vodka. Factoid No. 4: Mustaches win games.

Clearly we have a champion.

In fact, if it wasn't for Brad using a Jedi mind trick on Jared Allen he would have never signed with th...

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