How Your NFL Fanhood Can Have a Major Impact on Your B/R Writer Ranking


Published: March 20, 2009


... each and every one of us has an equal right to choose which ever team they would like to support, you would figure that it shouldn't make much of a difference in our writer ranking's so long as we continue to produce quality articles.

Yet, your fan-hood can and will play a major role in how far you might advance within the bleacher report ranking system.

I've decided to cover the NFL aspect of this issue because it is the sport for which I'm most familiar. I'm certain the same rules would apply to writer's fan-hoods outside the area of the National Football League as well.

For me, I'm a fan of the Indianapolis Colts.

As you would expect, a great majority of the articles I write are going to be those that cover my team. The issue is that if you happen to be a fan of a small-market team like I am, it can prove to be more difficult to attain the same level of success that a good writer would if he or she decided to focus their efforts on to...

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