How Tom Brady’s Passing Performance Against the Ravens May Define His Season


Published: October 3, 2009

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... of the year.

A win against the Ravens would once again cement the team's place among the elite in the NFL. A loss would consign them to the tier of "good but not great" teams and prove a serious blow to the Pats' championship hopes.

In short, the Patriots must win on Sunday. What's more, they need to do it through the air.

Tom Brady continues to be the most scrutinized man in the NFL. Some think he has become trigger-shy, others believe his physical ailments (sore shoulder, knee) continue to hound him, and still more ask if the superstar's days are numbered.

Still, this is a Brady team. He is its focal point, and it has been designed around him.

To take the ball out of his hands and into those of a running back, as some have suggested, would be giving up the season.

To be sure, the Patriots have some talented running backs, but these players are not the grinding, pound-it-out backs that running teams rely upon.

Fred Taylor and Laurence ...

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