How To Properly Hate on The Raiders(Humor)


Published: July 14, 2009

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... news worthy to work with. Even more, people in various sites have been trying their hands at putting together "fantasy" guides, guessing at what teams are going to win it all or how the season plays out.

Depending on which way you go, some pick the Raiders to be a surprise playoff team or they could go 3-13, lose the head coach and Al dies of an obscure variety of diseases.

One thing that has been coming up repeatedly is comments made, articles written or opinions shot out at the speed of light, either lacking fundamental football knowledge.

For these unenlightened, I offer this handy writing guide on hating on the Raiders. Granted, i've heard all the arguments. I've followed the team long enough to know that hate carries over from generation to generation ... and apparently, stupidity.

Number One: Hate the Owner - This is a simple task, as Al Davis is older than your dad, older than your grandpa and probably richer than both combined. Hating rich people...

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