How the Patriots Have Copied the Oakland Raiders


Published: May 3, 2009


... the problems of cheating, and why the legacy of the Raiders is still alive and well, just in a different team...The New England Patriots.

One reason that the NFL writers have shortchanged the Raiders is that they often emphasize players with a long and trivial career of statistics (i.e. Dan Marino), or relatively short careers in which a player achieved greatness with statistics (i.e. Steve Young). 

The writers (i.e. Peter King) then denigrate players that had relatively short careers, but achieved greatness (i.e. Jim Plunkett) without trivial statistics, or long careers of ho-hum yet significant stats that contributed to greatness (i.e. Cliff Branch). 

See if I care—yes, I think that Dan Marino’s career was trivial and not truly significant, only with the exception that he led the Dolphins to prevent perfection by the 1985 Bears. 

Marino’s career amounted to nothing more than a pile of dirt ...

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