How Terrell Owens Can Rehabilitate His Image


Published: March 12, 2009


... a piece bashing you. There have been enough articles focusing on that. What I am here for is to tell you what you need to hear. What your friends, agents, and the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles have failed to communicate to you throughout your career.
Last summer, after signing an extension with the Dallas Cowboys, you sat down with ESPN for a candid interview and you said: “The way the media and people view me is the reason I can’t land endorsement deals like other athletes.”
There’s the problem. You continue to point the finger at everyone but yourself. But all these years of blaming others has come back to haunt your bank account and public perception.

In regards to endorsements, an athlete of your caliber and extensive media coverage should have more than a deal with an energy drink brand named “Venom” and a headphone company named “Earsound,” both of which I've never ...

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