Hey Jay Cutler: SHUT UP

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Published: March 16, 2009


... McDaniels wanted his frat buddy to play quarterback for him.

Seriously, it's not like you've ever really had to deal with anything hard in your life. Diabetic professional athletes are a dime a dozen these days!

Why wouldn't Denver want Matt Cassel over you anyway?  He is obviously the better quarterback.  

Matt's played in more games, led a dramatically inferior team than yours to three more wins than you did last year, plus has a much bigger arm than you.

How dare you demand a trade!  What NFL is going to want you on their team?  

You think the Lions, Bears, Buccaneers, or Jets actually want to give up any draft picks to have an underachieving, uncompetitive, weak-armed, inaccurate, neanderthal like you?

Come talk to me when your team puts up numbers like 395.8 offensive yards per game.  







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